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Mishka Loesch

Small Town girl turned TV Presenter. Radio Personality. Motivational and Keynote Speaker. Emcee and Event Host. Health and Fitness Enthusiast. Entrepreneur, Business Owner and Ambassador.

Mishka Loesch is from a small town called Idasvalley in Stellenbosch. She is living proof that anyone can overcome any circumstances. She achieved quite a few titles ranging from being:

– Miss South Africa 2014 top 12 Finalist,
– Miss Veet 2014 runner-up,
– Miss Earth South Africa 2014 Top10 Finalist
– Top 10 Finalist on Presenter Search on 3, which landed her a presenting Job on SABC2, as a tv Presenter on Afrikaans tv show, Pasella.

She then continued to grow into the radio industry as a news anchor on Good Hope FM in 2018-2022.

My website and everything I share on it will purely be to inspire those around me to chase after their dreams and what they want like I did.

Because at the end of the day I believe:
‘Good things do not come to those who wait, good things come to those who get up and work for it.’


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